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Leonid Bobylev is a composer, musicologist, Honored worker of Art of Russia, Doctor of Arts, professor.

Born in 1949 in Tula. Graduated from the Piano department of the Tula College of Music (class of E. D. Umansky, 1968) than Composition Department of the Moscow Conservatory (1973) and post-graduate training in the specialty "composition" at Moscow Conservatory (1979) . Trained with Mikhail Chulaki (composition) and Nina Emelyanova (piano) .

In 1973-1979 worked in the Tula Collegeof Music.
Since 1977 Lecturer, Department of Composition at the Moscow Conservatory, since 1997 — professor of composition. Lectures in composition and polyphony. Director of the compositional sector at the Ppedagogical practice Department.
Also teaches composition at the Moscow Conservatory Central Music School .

Many of his pupils are now active composers, authors of symphonies and chamber works, performed in Russia and abroad. Among them are Sanzhar Bayterekov, Gerardo Gerulevich, Roman Dormidoshin, Dmitry Kurlyandsky, Boris Rysin, Alexei Chernov, Alexander Khurgin, Dmitry Dianov, Irina Dubkova etc.

Bobylev composed 7 operas, 1 ballet, 10 concertos, symphony, symphonic poem "De profundis", "…e poi…", 4 concerti grossi, 9 oratorios and cantatas, chamber music for solo instruments and ensembles, music for theater and motion pictures.

Except of the ex-USSR, his compositions been performed in the US, England, Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia , Mexico and other countries. Many have been published, recorded and broadcast on the radio.

Bobylev is the author of the study "The History and principles of Teaching Composition in the First Russian Conservatories of St.-Petersburg and Moscow" (where Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov and other Great Russian composers were teachers), and «Russian composer pedagogy. Tradition. Personality. Schools "(which shows much more detailed information on the pre-October period, and traces the development of traditions in the coming decades). Both works are published (1992, 2014).

For many years, professor Bobylev (piano) and Honored Artist of Russia, Professor Elena Dimitriou-Vasileva (soprano) gave concerts and master-classes as a creative "Vocalise" duo. Their repertoire included European and and Russian classical vocal music, as well as contemporary works for voice and piano. One of the popular programs, "Russian Vocalize Panorama", consisted of the best works by Russian and Soviet composers, written for voice without words over the past 150 years. Duet performed in many cities of Russia and former USSR countries. Elena Dimitriou-Vasileva clives in Romania, and the vigorous activity of the duet stopped.

Doctor of art-criticism, professor Bobylev offers a course of lectures and practical seminars on the composition, including classical forms, new compositional methods, harmony, counterpoint, solffegio, the history of Russian and European music. His most exiting item — "A Parallel History of Russian Music and Russian Poetry in the XVIII-XX Centuries" — form a brand of his classes. The people wishing to study in the Tchaikovsky Conservatoire could receive the consultation of the rules for entrance.

Duration of the courses is from one month to one year. The languages to communicate are Russian, English, French and Spanish.



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