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concert poster – 19.02.2023On February 19, the concert «Vienna — the musical capital of Europe» was held at the Rakhmaninov Hall of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory.

Two compositions of Leonid Bobylev were performed:

  • …Of Schubert…, fantasia for piano and string orchestra
  • Viennese musical box, concerto grosso #3 for violin, viola, piano and string orchestra
Honored artist of the Crimea Aleksey Gulyanitsky (violin)
Anna Sazonkina (viola)
Mikhail Ryba (piano)
"Cantus firmus" chamber orchestra Art director, conductor and soloist — Alexander Khurgin (violin)


афиша концерта 29.01.2022On January 29 at Rakhmaninov Hall od the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory The Concert in memory of Michael Terian took place. The work Clarvibrissimo – Concerto grosso №4 for clarinet, vibraphone and string orchestra was performed by Evgenia Vorontsova (clarinet), Elisei Dregalin (vibraphone), and Cantus firmus chamber orchestra, directed by Alexander Khurgin.


poster 06.09.2021On September 6 at Rakhmaninov Hall od the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory The Concert of the Composition Department to the 155th anniversary of the Moscow Conservatory took place. Works of various composers who studied and teached in MSC in different times were performed: Peter Tchaikovsky, Sergey Taneyev, Yury Shaporin, Nikolay Myaskovsky, as well as our contemporaries Tatiana Chudova, Leonid Bobylev, Vladislav Agafonnikov, Rodion Schedrin.

The concert hosted a world premiere of «Quinto» – Concerto grosso №5 for violin, cello, vibraphone and string orchestra by Leonid Bobylev.

April 8
Video recording of the Leonid Bobylev's jubilee author's concert. Small Hall of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, 15 October 2019:

1st part:
"…Of Schubert…", fantasy for piano and string orchestra
"Viennese musical box", concerto grosso #3 for violin, viola, piano and string orchestra
«Clarvibrissimo», concerto grosso #4 for clarinet, vibraphone and string orchestra

2nd part:
Concerto for viola and string orchestra
"Filmato", concerto #2 violin, piano and string orchestra


October 3
Audio recording of the Violin Concerto #2 is now available at the Recordings section.

September 30
There are three new music tracks at the Recordings section: audio recordings of Concerto grosso #2 for flute, bass clarinet and chamber orchestra, and Con amore for flute, oboe, violin, cello, and harpsichord. And video recording of Concerto for violin, piano and strings.


15/10/2019 concert posterOctober 15, at 7 p.m., A Jubilee Concert for the 70th anniversary of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Ph.D., professor of the Moscow Conservatory Leonid Bobylev will be held at the Small Hall of the Moscow Conservatory.

The concert is attended by People's Artist of Russia Arkady Sevidov (piano), Honored Artist of Russia Sergey Kravchenko (violin), Honored Artist of the Republic of Crimea Aleksey Gulyanitsky (violin), Symphony Orchestra of the Moscow Conservatory, etc.

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December 4
Video recording of the world premiere of Dialogue for Violin and Piano was uploaded at the Recordings page.

November 25
Audio recording of The Concert #3 for Violin and Orchestra was uploaded at the Recordings page.

29/10/2018 concert poster29 October, 7 p.m., in Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Nikolay Myaskovsky Concert Hall, — Violin Music Concert.
Works by J.S. Bach and L. Bobylev were performed by Simon Smith, violin (UK) and Yuliya Riabova, piano.

Two works by Leonid Bobylev were performed: Concerto for Solo Violin and Dialogue for violin and piano (2018, world premiere).

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15 February. Concert-meeting with Leonid Bobylev
Paris, salle Cortot

Concert program (fr.)
Concert program (fr.)

«The Water Color Drawings», the cycle of poems by Paul Verlaine
Victoria Shereshevskaya (mezzo-soprano), Liana Gurdzhia (violin)
Anatoly Liberman (cello), Yuliya Riabova (piano)

«…With the last kissing…», the farewell of Lara with Yury,
dramatic scene based on the novel "Doctor Zhivago" by Boris Pasternak

Victoria Shereshevskaya (mezzo-soprano), Yuliya Riabova (piano)


Goldsmith University logo

23 September, 7 p.m., Leonid Bobylev's Recital

Goldsmith University in Longon, Music Department
Music events…

Diatonic Polyphony. Julia Ryabova, piano.
Sonata for Cello and Piano. Anatoly Liberman, cello, and Julia Ryabova, piano. Two Japanese tales to the poems of Arseny Tarkovsky. Victoria Shereshevskaya, soprano, and Julia Ryabova, piano.
The last kiss, a monologue from the Opera on the novel by Boris Pasternak "Doctor Zhivago". Victoria Shereshevskaya, soprano, and Julia Ryabova, piano.
Concerto for solo violin. Simon Smith, violin.
"…about Schubert…", fantasy for piano in 4 hands. Yuliya Ryabova and Leonid Bobylev.

concert poster, 23.09.201723 September, 2 p.m., Moscow Conservatory, Rachmaninov Hall. Relationship of times: works by J.S. Bach, V. Zaderatski, G. Galynin, and L. Bobylev were performed by soloists and Moscow Pedagigical University Orchestra 'Cantus firmus', conducted by Alexander Khurgin. Keynote speech — Ph.D in musicology, Honored Worker of Arts, professor Vsevolod Zaderatski.

Leonid Bobylev's Concerto for Violin, Piano and String Orchestra was performed at the concert.

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March 10
New music compositions were added at the 'Works' section:

concert poster 22.02.20122 February, 7 p.m., Myaskovsky Concert Hall (Moscow Conservatory, right side building)
concert Polyphonic images. Yulia Ryabova, piano.
Keynote speech — Ph.D in musicology, Honored Worker of Arts, professor Vsevolod Zaderatski.

The piano cycle by Leonid Bobylev Diatonic Polyphony will be performed at the concert.

More info and tickets…

January 28
Updates at the Recordings page:


October 5
Audio recordings of The Concert for Violin, Piano and Chamber Orchestra and The Concert for Solo Violin were uploaded at the Recordings page.

concert poster, 14.09.2016 On September 14 at the Moscow Conservatory, Rachmaninov Hall, at the concert "To the 150th Anniverasry of the Moscow Conservatory. Composition Faculty" the Concerto grosso # 3 ("Viennese musical box") was performed. Soloists — laureates od international competitions Alexei Gulyanitsky (violin) and Anna Sazonkina (viola). Chamber orchestra 'Cantus firmus', art director and conductor — Alexander Khurgin.

Video recording…

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concert poster, 22.05.2016 On May 22 at the Moscow Conservatory, Rachmaninov Hall, at the program "Association of Аlma-mater Alumni presents…" two works by Leonid Bobylev will be performed:
    …Of Schubert…, fantasy for piano and string orchestra
    Concertando for two pianos and chamber orchestra
Performers — "Aspiration" ('Stremlenie') chamber orchestra, art director and conductor — Vladimir Kern. Soloists — Honored Artist of Russia Larisa Shilovskaya and Yuliya Ryabova (piano).

More info…

April 12–13
source: «Novosti Luganska website»Professor of the Moscow Tchaikovski Conservatory Leonid Bobylev presented the report "Shostakovich as a teacher" at the scientific-practical conference, dedicated to the 110th anniversary ofDmitry Shostakovich, which was held in Lugansk State Academy of Culture and Arts named after Mikhail Matusovsky.

"Today at the conference, I gave a little information about what Shostakovich was as a teacher. I've studied this question for many years. Shostakovich is a unique phenomenon of the XX century. It was a thorough persecution against him, he was forbidden, 'pushed', and he reflected in his music time and events he experienced in his country" , —said Leonid Bobylev at the interview to the 'Novosti Luganska' website.

The conference opened the festival of contemporary symphonic, operatic and choral music, "To the whole world and for all times", organized by Lugansk Music Academy at the occasion of the anniversary. During the festival also a master class by L. & nbsp; Bobylev was held as well as the world premiere of a new version of his Concerto for Viola and Chamber Orchestra (soloist Yury Tkanov).

March 29
Video recordings from the concert on 21 May 2014 in Paris are added to the Recordings page (see also concert info at the News section)

Информация о концерте… March 12
Concert-Rencontre L. Bobylev
Mairie du 4ème, Paris

The Orchestre de Chambre Nouvelle Europe will perform two works by Leonid Bobylev:
  • Triple Concerto. soloists: Liana Gourdjia, violin – Andrei Malakhov, viola – Julia Riabova, piano
  • "… from Schubert", fantasia. Julia Riabova, piano
Nicolas Krauze, conductor

More info: Français, English


December 27
The article by Pavel Levadny "Diatonicheskaya polifoniya v khromaticheskuyu epokhu" (Diatonic Polyphony at Chromatic Era), dedicated to the piano cycle by Leonid Bobylev "Diatonic polyphony", is published in PIANOFORUM Magazine #2(22)–2015.

December 13
Video recordings from the composer's recital at the Tula Regional Philharmony, 2003 and De Profundis symphonic poem (Aral sea memory) (2009) are added to Recordings page.

October 15
The world premiere of the new work by Leonid Bobylev, "…Of Schubert…", fantasy for piano in 4 hands, will take place on October 21 at "The Moscow Autumn" festival, Moscow House of Composers. Performers: honored artist of Russia Larisa Shilovskaya and Yulia Ryabova. Admission free.
The version of this work for piano and string orchestra is also finished.

July 13
Video recording from the composer recitals on April 22, 2007 at the Tula Regional Philharmony and April 22, 2008 at the Nikolay Myaskovsky Concert Hall, Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, are added to Recordings page.

The channel "Leonid Bobylev, composer" is opened at Youtube.

February 01
Video recording of Concerto grosso #3 'Viennese musical box' is added to the Recordings page.


December 29
Video recordings of the mono-opera '…With the Last Kissing…', the chamber opera 'The Lost Hunt' and 'Harmsiada' Fantasy added to Recordings page.

On October 15 and 16 two jubilee concerts of Leonid Bobylev's music will be held in Moscow:

October 15
Moscow State Conservatory (B.Nikitskaya str., 13)
Nikolay Myaskovsky Concert Hall

Foreshores , six pieces for violin and piano.
Yury Vasilevsky (violin), Natalia Igumnova (piano)
Polyphonic Games for piano.
Julia Ryabova (piano). World premiere.
Variations on a Remembrance of the Theme for violin, cello, and piano.
Yuri Borodin (violin), Igor Nechaev (cello), and Natalia Igumnova (piano).

October 16
Moscow House of Composers (Bryusov lane, 8/10, p.2)
Grand hall

Post Auditum, after listening to the Thirty Second [Sonata] , concert for piano and chamber ensemble
Soloist — Julia Ryabova (piano)
Unfinished Bagatelles for chamber orchestra and an old piano
Soloist — Mona Khaba (piano)
Harmsiada, fantasy based on Literary anecdotes attributed to Daniil Kharms, and his poems.
Soloist — Tatiana Bukun. Directed by Sergey Kolesnikov.

Ensemble Studio for New Music, conductor Vladimir Gorlinsky.

Concerts are leaded by Angelica Komissarenko.


On June 29, audio recordings of Leonid Bobylev's works issued on CDs, uploaded to the website.

приглашение на концерт

The first concert of the series of events dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the signing of the imperial decree authorizing the opening of the Moscow Conservatoire took place in the Centre de Russie pour la Science et la Culture à Paris on May 21. At the concert program — Romances by Tchaikovsky, 'Elegiac Trio by Rachmaninov, and several works by Leonid Bobylev:
  • Four Preludes and Fugues from the piano cycle 'Diatonic Polyphony'
  • '…With the last kissing…', monologue for voice and piano
  • 'Salut, Satie!', divertimento-allusion for clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano and singer
Performed by Yulia Ryabova (piano), Elena Gabouri (soprano), Vadim Tchijik (violin), Konstantin Manaev (cello), and Hugo Clédat (clarinet).

Video recordings…


The joint recital of Leonid Bobylev and Italian composer, professor Andrea Talmelli took place at Myaskovsky Concert Hall (Moscow Concervatory) on March 4 .

On February 21 at Rachmaninov Hall (Moscow Conservatory) 'Harmsiada' Fantasy was premiered by Studio for new Music ensemble, soloist Tatiana Bukun, conductor Vladimir Gorlinsky.

Leonid Bobylev. 'Russian Composer Pedagogy. Traditions. Personalities. Schools'. The book cover

The book by Leonid Bobylev
'Russian Composer Pedagogy. Traditions. Personalities. Schools' was issued by 'Kompozitor' Publishing House.

additional information (in Russian) and online purchase…

Other actual news in Russian…

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